Keravel Rilynneldth

Tall, black haired male elf with gossamer wings


Keravel is a tall, muscular, black haired elf with gossamer wings. Usually seen carrying a black scimitar whenever possible. Known around campus as somewhat of a ladies man.


Keravel has a somewhat checkered past. The biggest thing is the controversy around the guy that Keravel killed while he was young. He was acquitted but a lot of people still think he was able to get away with it as his family is fairly wealthy. Spends his free time doing tutoring and translations around campus. Most figure he does most of this to get closer to some of the women on campus. When not in classes and doing tutoring he participates in horse racing and training with his scimitar.

It is believed that the only reason Keravel is in Professor LaCoste’s Ancient Cultures class is to meet women. Since he does seem a bit bored in the class, this might not be far from the truth.

Keravel Rilynneldth

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