Alexandros (Lex) Irzandari

Half Dragon Warrior and Heir of the House of Irzandari


A product of the breeding of dragons and humans, Lex is a hulking beast of a creature. Standing over 7 feet tall and weighing 400 plus lbs. Humanoid in shape, his handsome features favor his non-dragon ancestors, aside from the vestigial horns and the large, bat-like wings sprouting from his shoulders.

When in his battle rage, his draconian heritage asserts itself with vigor. His jaw extends outward, with fearsome fangs emerging from beneath his lips. Long, razor-sharp claws sprout from his fingers, and his burnished wings seems to block out the sun when they spread out behind him. Bronze scales cover him from head to toe, and smoke seems to rise from his mouth nostrils as he breaths.

Lex is out going and cheerful, always with a grin on his face whether he is participating in class discussions or braining his foes during his combat matches. However, he does seem to have trouble keeping his temper at times. He fights in an intense battle rage, a barely contained fury flowing through him, always fighting for dominance. Although you have never seen him lose control completely, there seems to be a madness behind his eyes, just waiting to be released…


Lex is the 3rd son of the Irzandari shipping family, one of the most prestigious and powerful families in Erdos. They are a family of draconic descent, and Lex is his father’s heir due to his strong draconic blood. Lex doesn’t talk much about his family, and is pretty down to earth considering the lifestyle he grew up in and the fortune and power he will inherit one day.

Lex has a passion for architecture and engineering, which has brought him to the college. He excels intellectually as well as in his fighting classes, and history is another of his favorite subjects. Still, his main focus is the battle college, where he is a team captain and one of it’s prized students.

Alexandros (Lex) Irzandari

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