dream campaign


dusting off my GM-ness

Fun start to the D.C. !!
We had a day at school, some drinking and some intrigue.
Professor LaCoste (prof-L) was acting strange and reluctantly shared his story with the party. One of his colleagues had got himself into trouble with some unsavory characters around town and turned to the good professor for help. Our intrepid adventurers were able to coax some information out of prof-L and found out that he was to meet his dire-friend in the dreaded Forgotten after midnight the very next day (less than 12 hours hence) at the “Farnetella Repository” Prof-L unceremoniously vanished in front of the group and has not been seen since…and that someone else was interested in the professor…
The group needed to research the location of the meeting place by visiting a family friend of Lex’s by the name of Lord Angostura at his place of business – Conditional Arrangements.
Luckily, the Repository lies near the outer edge of the Forgotten, unfortunately it is still inside the Forgotten…
Upon returning to the Academy, the group noticed some odd “earthy” sounds emitting from the very ground they were walking on.
After a quick meal, the group ventured to one of the libraries on campus to look into some historical map(s) of the Forgotten and the location of the Farnetella Repository. They were not alone! Duh-duh-DUHHH…After a frustrating melee, the party discovered that the leader of the failed ambush escaped with nary a scratch on his hide and the critters he left behind were not very cooperative in sharing the reason for the uninvited visit.
Do they work for “La Rose Blanche”??
Are they mercenaries?
Or, worse, are they from the Acadamae?



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