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Some background information (in no particular order)

The city of Erdos is where the Campaign unfolds:
Grown, more than built, around the Woldwood, Erdos inhabits over 120,000 permanent residents.
At times the city swells to over 150,000 during the major holidays and when the “Green” Tournament is in full tilt. Erdos is a wealthy metropolis with most of the merchants, craftsman, artisans, skilled professionals, etc. living in seperate residences away from their shops and places of business. (the apprentices reside on site)
Erdos is a major Port-of-Call in the Inner Sea enjoying an extraordinary and lucritive shipping industry including lumber from north up the Sellen river, to sundry other goods & textiles, spices, metals and other exotic goods. With the recent demand for fresh blue-tail shark by the wealthy, the fishing industry is as equally ruthless and profitable.
Blue-tail sharks are a nocturnal feader and thus the fishing boats work around-the-clock. This means that the waterfront is open for business day and night.

While steeped in ancient history and tradition, Erdos, is by no means stagnant thanks to the bitter rivalry between the two major universities driving new discoveries and advancements in magic, phylosophy, theology and the sciences, both martial amd “natural”. (The witness Stones have stood vigil over many disputes between the two schools and their stoic judgement is just and final)
In the north, near the Patina Palatia, The Acadamae admits only “legacy” students and caters to the super-rich families that have established themselves over the centuries. (Old-Money)
In the south of Erdos, next to the Financial District, lies Easton Academy. Easton Academy will give most anyone a fair chance at a higher education as long as they have the coin…
The students of both institutes (called “Schoolers” by the less fortunate of Erdos) are afforded all of the luxuries of the well-to-do including sumptuous meals, expansive living arrangements and the finest materials, resources and…entertainment money can buy. Students come from all corners of the Inner Sea and very few come from other than the wealthiest families.

SOME Geography-ish information:

The Woldwood:
At the heart of the city lies The Woldwood, that has stood witness to all that is the history of the Inner Sea. The Woldwood is rumored to house the most ancient of the Ancient Woldwardens that was evicted from the Mwangi Expanse by Old-Mage Jatembe (around y. -3,500).
Migrating north the creature eventually crossed the Inner Sea at the Arch of Aroden and through what is now Cheliax to settle on the edge of a vast plain overlooking Star Bay. The Warden quickly establish itself and began to expand the nature of the Woldwood eventually creating an extradimensional forest, of sorts. The Woldwood is home to many creatures including unique-fey, elves, giants, ents and all manner of magical beasts.

Patina Palatia:
Skirting the edge of the heart of the Woldwood,lies the Patina Palatia and all of its grounds. This is the home of Erek Tarxien, a bronze dragon/heirophant druid. “Erek-the-Eternal”, some say, is as old as the Warden himself and has shared the forest in equanimity for millenia. His 32nd wife, an elf, Aeana Trefoil, is Erek’s staunch supporter and greatest advocate for the preservation of Erdos now for over 415 years. The grounds of the Patina Palatia are exquisite in their alien-beauty and only fragile in their appearance as they have stood the test-of-time now for, at least, 5,000+ years.

The Forgotten:
To the southeast of the Woldwood lies the barren and abandoned area of the city known simply as The Forgotten. The Forgotten is a bleak, some say evil, and haunted section of the city of Erdos that is almost completely devoid of the living, plant or otherwise. The Forgotten is walled-off from the rest of the city for the “protection” of the inhabitants of Erdos. As much to keep the citizens out of the area as to keep what-lies-inside from escaping. The Woldwood is a powerful force-of-nature and “It’s” attempts at rejuvinating and reclaiming The Forgotten have been fruitless, rebuffed by some unseen force. The Forgotten is rumored to be the terrible aftermath of some massive, failed magical “experiment” lost to the veil of antiquity. The Forgotten still houses some of the Old Finacial District of Erdos…and the unclaimed riches locked away in dusty old vaults…

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