Selene Forsythe

Female Drow Monk (Martial Artist) / White Haired Witch


Tall, with silver-white hair and golden eyes, Selene carries herself with an easy, yet reserved manner. Her skin is lighter than the typical coal-skinned drow, making her an oddity to those who know much of drow, and simply odd to those who don’t. She is often seen with a raven as white has her hair.


An adopted member of the prominent Forsythe family, Selene bought her way into the Easton Academy despite some misgivings of the staff of having a Drow at their school. Everyone still remembers the infamous ‘incident’ that she was acquitted of many years ago.

Selene seems to be a fairly good student however, and unlike some of her classmates enjoys Professor LaCoste’s class on Ancient Cultures.

Selene Forsythe

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